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the megacity that never sleeps, home to millions and playground to megacorporations and those that skirt the law. The streets of Braka await.

Our vision of Braka

Critical Mass is our first experience as a studio. We wanted to bring this cyberpunk world to life in stunning detail within VR. Our goal with this series is to tell a very human, but thrilling story within a world with kilometer tall skyscrapers, trillion dollar megacorps and a far reaching criminal underbelly.


Critical Mass Ep. I

"Critical Mass" unfolds in the cyberpunk city of Braka, where players join Nix, a charismatic mercenary leader, in navigating the intricate web of corporate intrigue.

As they navigate the treacherous cityscape, they find themselves in the crossfire of a false flag attack orchestrated by Pantheon a malicious mega-corporation dead-set on controlling the Braka district. The fate of the city may very well fall into the hands of our rag tag group of mercenaries.

Free Roam and Standard Booth

Critical Mass is built with free roam VR in mind, with a minimum room size of 15' x 15' we support even the smallest free roam booths. With a quick config change Crtitical Mass is also compatible with room-scale VR arcade booths. With teleportation based movement you can explore even more of Braka's mean streets!
We strive to support all PCVR based hardware and are happy to add additional haptics and hardware if there is demand. Reach out to us if you have any special requests, questions or concerns.

High End PCVR

Free Roam + Room Scale

~25 min Runtime

(Free Roam)

Haptics Enabled

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